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Welcome! You have arrived at the homepage of DESMO-J, a free object-oriented for developing object-oriented simulation models in Java. See the quick overview for some more information.


The current version of DESMO-J version is 2.5.1e.
Please refer to the version history for feature details!


The right place to get started using DESMO-J is completing the Tutorial.

Further information is provided by the Java Simulation Handbook: Apart from simulation with DESMO-J, it also covers simulation modelling in general and a wide range of other issues that are relevant to a successful simulation project. Of course, DESMO-J also comes with an API documentation.

If you're not sure if DESMO-J's the right software for your purposes have a look at DESMO-J's basic features to gain a quick overview of its internal structure.


You may download the DESMO-J framework as compiled classes (jar file) or obtain the complete source code.

DESMO-J is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use any DESMO-J file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Application and Users

Amongst many applications, DESMO-J is used as the simulation core of the workflow und business process management environment IYOPRO, running directly in any Silverlight-enabled browser. Experience and results are shared in this blog (in German).

For a sneak peak of how else DESMO-J is used worldwide, try Google Scholar.

You are a DESMO-J user already? You are using DESMO-J in your research studies? You are extending DESMO-J to suit your needs? You are publishing scientific articels about your DESMO-J models? You are interested in contributing additional functionality to DESMO-J?

Whatever, we would be happy to hear from you! Knowing about your work gives us the chance to cite your articles or improve our open-source simulation engine according to your needs! Please drop us a short note or help spreading the word by submitting a SourceForge Review.


Please contact us if you seek professional advice on carrying out simulation studies in your company. You will benefit from the experience of our team from numerous simulation projects. We also offer in-house trainings for your employees tailored to your needs. Our training concepts have already been successfully implemented in universitiy and industry contexts.
Samewise, if you just have questions about or around DESMO-J, feel free to email us!